Challengein 2.0: Game as a Service + Travels & World topic for free

Me and Nicoletta are proud to present you the new Challengein 2.0 to you.
It’s an important release for us, because it carries changes in our strategy.¬†

We’ve got in touch with different companies here in Chile (international startups or local businesses) and we’ve assisted different times to the same question: “One of my clients need a game for this and that purpose. Can I build it with Challengein?”.
And our answer was always “Damn, yes!”. So Challengein, is evolving in a Game-as-a-service platform for businesses, where a company will be able to create his own customization (private or public) without any technical skills, in just few hours.
For example a company can need the Game-as-a-Service to launch a new product, to welcome new employees, to teach or test the employees competences, etc. Just with simple games!

So, we’ve added four new games:
-Smemo, a memory image game
-Switch, move the words in the right category
-Pyramid Image, an image trivia
-Intruder, find the intruder into a group of six words 

This 2.0 is just the start of the path of our new strategy. We’re going to need a 2.1 version, to continue to evolve our product to fit better the businesses needs.

Right now you can start downloading the new app and enjoy it with the General topic or, just for the next 3 days, the Travel&World topic that will be completely free.

So, run and download!!
Always here