What’s the point of an Advergame?

For sure you’ve seen some big brands create an advergame (a game for advertising, with their own brand). You can have played or not, but probably you’ve wondered “What’s their goal? Why they do so? Is it just a sort-of gadget or there’s something else?”.
Well, as a young entrepreneur in the advergame market I’ve faced the question too, so I’ve dig a bit, talked with some expert and at the end I’ve found what is the real reason.

In reality is that there’re two schools of thinking:
a) the old-style-marketer way: I create a game with my products and with all the information to convince the user why he/she has to by my product

b) the “psychiatrist” way: The goal is just to create a great gaming experience. No need to continually show the products or the brand. It’s enough that the brand is in the first screen or in the background. Our subconsciousness will automatically associate the good experience with the brand.

Both the schools of thinking have their pros. The first, has the pro that’s easier to sell, while the second has the pro of being more effective.

That adgames have positive effects on the brand, the loyalty and on consumption relevant behavior could be supported by studies conducted by Celina Steffen (Ph. D. Student at the Chair of Marketing, University of Siegen), who is writing her doctoral thesis about the effectiveness of adgames.

My suggestion, is doing a mix. Probably you have to sell the project to a customer, so just give the satisfaction of seeing their brand in a good position, but focus on create a really cool game.

Oh, obviously “the psychiatrist way” is not a scientific term. I just liked it :D

Challengein for business is out in the wild!

New Challengein for businesses

Are passed almost 2 months from the last Challengein update. We’ve been really busy figuring out how to evolve the product that we had in our hands, thankfully to the feedback that we’ve got from the amazing tech hub that StartupChile has created.
We’ve been in touch with hundred of other entrepreneurs and, most of all, in touch with a lot of potential customers.

In this two months we’ve figure out that there’s a strong problem in the market, addressed with a solution that, right now, is not optimal.

Right now there are:
-Mediocre Advergames: generally a game with ads into it. #EpicFail…
-Good Advergames: the game is studied to make the user play with the brand and the product advertised. Great results in terms of time engagment, but create them is expansive. 

We’ve decided to fix that problem. 
So, Challengein pivoted its technology in an other direction, the B2B direction.
Now, Challengein is a service that create branded games without any technical skills. In just one hour!

It’s a website where you choose a game from a list, upload your logo and some images of your product and it creates automatically your game. In few minutes.
Then the game is automatically published on the App Stores for you.
Right now Challengein creates branded games for iPhones, but soon also for iPad, Android and Facebook. 

This kind of product is a tool that advertising agencies can use to create advergames for their customers. And they will use it, because they have different advantages:
-they don’t have to contract a developer (it’s hard to find the good ones)
-it’s cheaper
-it’s stress free, you don’t have to coordinate a project
-in one hour of work it’s ready
-it’s always high quality

We’re yet on the hard part of that journey, because the product is ready and we’ve started to try to sell it yet. The feedback from the potential customer is great!

Soon we’ll disclose who are our firsts customers, meanwhile check it out, always on http://challengein.com

The cool invitation letter for the new office of #StartupChile in the #Telefonica / #Movistar building ;)

The cool invitation letter for the new office of #StartupChile in the #Telefonica / #Movistar building ;)

Moita #EpicWin !

Moita #EpicWin !

Challengein elevator pitch for Startup Chile!!

Challengein 2.0: Game as a Service + Travels & World topic for free

Me and Nicoletta are proud to present you the new Challengein 2.0 to you.
It’s an important release for us, because it carries changes in our strategy. 

We’ve got in touch with different companies here in Chile (international startups or local businesses) and we’ve assisted different times to the same question: “One of my clients need a game for this and that purpose. Can I build it with Challengein?”.
And our answer was always “Damn, yes!”. So Challengein, is evolving in a Game-as-a-service platform for businesses, where a company will be able to create his own customization (private or public) without any technical skills, in just few hours.
For example a company can need the Game-as-a-Service to launch a new product, to welcome new employees, to teach or test the employees competences, etc. Just with simple games!

So, we’ve added four new games:
-Smemo, a memory image game
-Switch, move the words in the right category
-Pyramid Image, an image trivia
-Intruder, find the intruder into a group of six words 

This 2.0 is just the start of the path of our new strategy. We’re going to need a 2.1 version, to continue to evolve our product to fit better the businesses needs.

Right now you can start downloading the new app and enjoy it with the General topic or, just for the next 3 days, the Travel&World topic that will be completely free.

So, run and download!!
Always here http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/challengein/id424596418

The first Challengein trailer! I hope you’ll like it ;)


Today begins our adventure in Chile! Me and my parter Claudio are going to participate at Startup Chile project! 
Start-Up Chile is a program of the Chilean Government, that seeks to attract foreign, high-potential entrepreneurs to come to Chile to bootstrap their businesses with the end goal of converting Chile into the innovation and entrepreneurial hub of Latin America.

It’s a fantastic opportunity for Challengein and us! Thanks Chile for belive in us!
I can’t wait to meet you all! 

Go 1.5 and you can play alone!

Here, at the Challengein HQ, the team is working like a fool. We’ve done the first major pivot of the Challengein history.

I’m proud to announce to you that the single player mode is reality! Now you can play alone everywhere with 3 brand new games. They are so cool and so addictive ;)
Here are few screenshot about the new games.

First game: Asking Puzzle
You have to tap the suggested figure before the time runs out! 

Second game: Links
Connect the word from one side to the other, before the arrow reach the bottom.

Third game: Scaffold
Guess the hidden word, before the girl get hanged!


Then you can win points, brand new badges and become the king of the venue!

Go and try it now! ;)